Sunday, 31 August 2008


"I am just an ordinary OL that works on Mon-Fri,9am-5pm in a chemical company but who's very into food. I love cooking, baking, messing up the kitchen , trying tasty food around and I do really enjoy!! "

A holiday mood surrounding me me, so copy her profile for you
are knowing her.

小皇后の生活彩色拼图之《味》力四射美食部落哲学 ****** 一到五要努力工作, 六日選擇做自己喜歡の活動.烹烹饪,做做便当,逛逛街,上上美容院,過過兩天和小皇帝打打闹闹の日子只要是自己想要的生活不管用什麼方式過日子都好生活依然会过的非常精彩噢

Saturday, 30 August 2008

A Singapore Girl Blogger

Btw, she being visit here and tell me she is Malaysian.

In Malaysia, government has a vision of 2020 become a development country.

This girl maybe also has a vision on 2020. But i dun know what is her vision, Pls ask her by click the above title.

She introduced herself: -"I like to be unique & unconventional,i distance away from people that i dislike, i like singing, i like fashion, i like being random & spontaneous;and I love meeting new friends! ............................

Thursday, 28 August 2008


She is Venessa. A unique blog make my computer hang.

Haha!!!! From her blog, some info i could not obtained.

But never mind, this brings let other people worries.
Is not my job. Haha

She is studying because i saw a mathmatic formula is
in her blog.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Tulips CookZz Experience

A princess cook xinyun's friends, she is gradute from hotel management. If your business related to Restaurant or Hotel. Maybe can obtain some advise from her. Her name is Ting Ting. The blog all is variety of small desert and some Japenese food. So, i do not know is hand made by her or take photo from shop. Pls refer to her by way of click the above title.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sweet and Simple

Eiiminna's Friend , name Rachael Liu. But understand from Minna' note, they meet everyday and be very nice.
I hope and wish , they friendship is forever.
Hence, if u knowing one of them, automatic maybe also be friend with u.
Haha, Pls click on Sweet and Simple, U can see her at her blog.
Wish and pray for your are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 August 2008


She is now stayed at Euro. When will be back, I really do not know.

美女廚神 : 寻找幸福的味道 A malaysian Girl introduced Taiwan and Euro local food for yours . If you plans to travel there, pls view her blog to get some guide.


"Cotton candies* Lollipops* Bubbles* Glitters* Hoping life is all that, only to find it's not. This is the bits and pieces of my happening and not-so-happening life.. A mixture of Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice, as well as Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails."
The above is introducing by herself. In my opinion., she is happy girl and charming girl. She is nice looking girl.
First view "OK". Second "OK<>

Friday, 22 August 2008

Miracle Live of Australia Girl

A young and pretty girl staying at Australia. A Whispers of A Pink Glass Doll.

She quota herself having a miracle life but also imagine she is a pink glass doll. A complex thinking by a young and pretty girl in the world make her attractive. So, if you are a man i do beilive" the desire/induce on you to knowning her is unlimited"

I am here to say ""Man, don't think so much and so bad, just a sweetie and innocent lady only. Please behave yourself while visit her blog"


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Infatutaion for Babbyoll

"Close your eyes tightly, so you won't see,the tears

you promised you'd never make me cry" .

This a note wrote by her .

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A future Doctor Lifestyle

After I trying hard obtained a approval from Tiffany. Finally i got her permission to talk about her blog at here. This is her blod add.

Due to i am busy, I can not fully view her blog in details. But a litter information provided by her are: -

a) She is studying medical course, is a future doctor.
b) She is beautiful plus full of knowledge

Maybe in the future i could obtained more info for you are to know her better. But, an easy way is. You are personally frequently visit her blog and collect the info by u own.

I am here praying for her, wish her pass all the examination. Thus, Malaysia can soonest have another Pretty doctor servicng for our nation.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Starry Starry Night I remember has a song started a Melody is "Starry Starry Night............" A super girl at Nuffnang, Amazing is every innit posted by her,easily capture No 1 sit.
She is undergraduate, studying mechanical engineering and love all western music.
Yes,the lyric is for a song named as "Vincent". She was reminded me.
Thanks girl. Let me tell you are a small secret: -
"事实往往出乎意料,这个女孩子在我的chat box 里骂我是懦夫。只因为我怀疑她的朋友在我的blog里污言秽语。最终结果我这个受害者给小妮子骂是coward。 哈哈!当然给人骂,不高兴是必然的。但也代表了这个女孩子是多么维护她的朋友。也是一个重义气的人。我又何必在乎给人骂呢。是不是懦夫也不是一句话可以肯定的。如果你是她的朋友,你是幸福的。"

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Eiiminna - A Special girl I was seen A very nice girl, her opinion in her life all support by difference type thing for discussion.

I select few example article has been wrote by her : -

a) Cha Siew Pau & Maggi Mee

b) Compliments VS Attacks.

Very funny and Interesting

pls view her frequently

Friday, 15 August 2008

chloe's sky 可兒的天空

This is a girl like to taste the difference life style. She has a very sharp observation on environment.

I also noted that if i wanna her create a funny story. I think in the 10 second, she can tell u about 5 stories.

Now, i guess she is free a bit. So, if u feel free, pls do not forget to talk to her at this blog add

Haha, At last i also worry she might be complaint my English.HEhehehehe

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Wennie Hong She is at Washington now and name is Wennie Hong.

I dunno her but She seems like aggressively in her life.
In my mind, Washington is a good place for retire. I hope she can give me more details for NZ. I wanna migrate there after retiring.

Friday, 1 August 2008



其实攻击的部落格是不当的。我想善意的批评,部落友应该很乐意接受。最重要的一点是,大家在下评语时, 不要太过主观和偏见。只因为大家的生活方式,背景,观点和成长环境的不同。哪能全部都投其别人所好呢。

当我看到部友们受到攻击,我很生气和无奈。其实我本身觉得着个平台誏我们大家分享乐趣,悲哀和观点。已经把人类关系推进一步了。因为现实生活里,人情味太少. 所以希望部友们不要互相攻击。把体谅和宽容的心情送给别人。这就是最好的结果。