Friday, 22 August 2008

Miracle Live of Australia Girl

A young and pretty girl staying at Australia. A Whispers of A Pink Glass Doll.

She quota herself having a miracle life but also imagine she is a pink glass doll. A complex thinking by a young and pretty girl in the world make her attractive. So, if you are a man i do beilive" the desire/induce on you to knowning her is unlimited"

I am here to say ""Man, don't think so much and so bad, just a sweetie and innocent lady only. Please behave yourself while visit her blog"



Agnes said...

hey there, as per copy right reserve, i hope that i get inform each time you grab something from my blog to replace the picture in this post. Thanks ya. It would be nice of you to try inform.

Thankie <3

Thanks for the post too <3

mei san said...
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mei san said...


nice blog name... it always makes me remind of my bf's name which his real name was miracle... he always bring miracles to evryone especially everyone's happiness... :)

keep it up !!