Thursday, 10 July 2008

一个平凡的女孩 - Wyne典型天秤座, If i am not mistaken, 天秤座 always asking the balance, fair and accuracy. How i am knowing because i am also天秤座.

A litter girl stayed at New Zealand. I guess she is study there.

"Hard study Girl Girl"

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What is Your Feeling? When i read a blog comprising 2 language, i feel happy. Because type chinese is hard job for me. I must learn hard to capture it.

This girl bring her expression to reader. It can be good response by someone but may brings other negative issue.

So, if u r a related party as per blog commented. What is u Feelings?

Apart of the above, she is a good writer about the travelling. She was used her point of view to descrip the meaning of travel. As a Human, ignore the negative point and accept the good thing is a best way for u to joyful in yours everyday.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

UKM student A UKM student celebreted her as a senior in the U. If u r knowning her at UKM, pls give her some suppot.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Moon Stories Three Girl Three Stories. She wrote that in her blog "第一次。。。也许会用很长的时间,可是想试试看,一个关于自己,又是关于故事里的自己的故事"

The story all attached with Moon.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Bitter Stick Girl

A girl with a pencil drawing few line to highlight her life style. Very interested.

A good girl writer

She had 4 blog, written diiference topic, Her name is Coconut. Mostly girl prefer put some nickname romantic, but this girl is difference.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

妮泞中,艳丽 A little very clean feeling comprising in this blog. While i am steping in the blog, i can feel this girl should like a white and yellow colour a lot.

I also can feel this girl wanna to step out should bring a peaceful feeling.

I do not i am right or wrong, but that kind of feeling very very strong.


我叫彤彤~~ ~17岁 ~双鱼座の我 ~爱哭+爱笑+爱发白日梦+爱幻想+超级大傻婆+糊涂鬼*彩虹+棒棒糖+草莓+棉花糖+蓝天白云+巧克力+热带鱼+海洋, 音乐。。因为音乐=我的生命!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Thoughts, Stories < You and Me>

Ling Ling

LiNg LinG

This is not about ring bell, just a girl name call Ling Ling.

This blog given you a happiness.
In my opinion, the statistic and love is difference method. This girl very concern about her school work. Hence, she was applied it together.Statistic use to count the probability and co-efficiency. All related or randomly happen could use the history data to calculate it and record down to prevent/reduce the mistake happen in the future.Love is from your heart to feel the emotion.So, What is happen now, if 2 theory join up together?

子非魚 焉知魚之樂

子非魚 焉知魚之樂. If i am not a fish, How can i understand fish happy or not.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Flower Monster Is it a girl become a Monster. No, 100% no. She may crazy like and fall love with flowers, Hence, she name her blog Flower Monster.

She is staying at UK.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Another Cutie girl

I found another cutie girl blogger she staying at

Why market now got so many cutie girls. Maybe i spend so much time on shares market. Maybe i already never walk into shoping central.

There is greatest joke, although i am working at KL central, but most of the shopping central seldom go to visit.

Shares already bring me and spend so much of time. Without computer, i really do not aware the world changing so much.

Hello, do not knew you all, is my mistake. Have to tell all the cutie girl in the world. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Paradise Ivy i belived she was boorn at 1985, So, she is enough matured treated her future partner by way of open.

You can feel the sweety from her daily article. That also included her friends enjoying together.

Nobody (Wendy) This girl link with Pei pei staying At UK and view her photo only provide u behind look.

No much article wrote by her but hope in future we can read more. She tellng us she is nobody, but i believed she is a girl.



Today surfing into the net meet the 2 girls blog, 一级棒 也一流 lucky.

他们 are :- Staying ByAngeline Yeoh staying by Li Theng