Saturday, 5 July 2008

妮泞中,艳丽 A little very clean feeling comprising in this blog. While i am steping in the blog, i can feel this girl should like a white and yellow colour a lot.

I also can feel this girl wanna to step out should bring a peaceful feeling.

I do not i am right or wrong, but that kind of feeling very very strong.


EmiLio said...

hmm.. well i do like white. and also green! did you see some greenies there?

good to hear that you feel some peace at me there. i will try my best to keep it up!

afterall, it isnt a bad thing to do when i am trying to make m readers relaxed right?

stockname said...

That is a fantastic place, in my dream while i am an old age, i must own a peace land for me to stay.

A little white plus a lot of planting.