Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What is Your Feeling? When i read a blog comprising 2 language, i feel happy. Because type chinese is hard job for me. I must learn hard to capture it.

This girl bring her expression to reader. It can be good response by someone but may brings other negative issue.

So, if u r a related party as per blog commented. What is u Feelings?

Apart of the above, she is a good writer about the travelling. She was used her point of view to descrip the meaning of travel. As a Human, ignore the negative point and accept the good thing is a best way for u to joyful in yours everyday.


t2yY k0soNg said...

Dear Stockname,

Thank you for introducing me in the post. However i'm confused, because out of many many titles, you've chosen "What is your feeling".

Well i'm guessing your meaning here, and if my guesses are wrong, i apologize. I usually do not expain myself but u think i'm worthwhile to be posted, i shall be as sincere as you do.

So anyway, do you mean that i hurt those i publicly expressed my dislikes for?

Well dear, just like you, who writes what we feel in our blogs. And i do not care to put on masks so that the world loves me because the ones i dislike in my blogs hurt me badly and have disappoint me in every way. I could not PRETEND and WRITE good stuff abt them when all i wanted is a space for me to release.

I mentioned i hated liars, bitches, posers and fake faces. If someone is one of these people read, and feel hurt, clearly they deserve it. While innocent people just finds it funny.

This is my piece of mind.^^
Thank you again.


stockname said...

Very good comment!!!!

Unbelievedable a female had the kind of analysing. U r the first girl comprising a intelligent point of view.