Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A future Doctor Lifestyle

After I trying hard obtained a approval from Tiffany. Finally i got her permission to talk about her blog at here. This is her blod add. http://superpamperedprincess1.blogspot.com/

Due to i am busy, I can not fully view her blog in details. But a litter information provided by her are: -

a) She is studying medical course, is a future doctor.
b) She is beautiful plus full of knowledge

Maybe in the future i could obtained more info for you are to know her better. But, an easy way is. You are personally frequently visit her blog and collect the info by u own.

I am here praying for her, wish her pass all the examination. Thus, Malaysia can soonest have another Pretty doctor servicng for our nation.


Super Pampered Princess said...
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Super Pampered Princess said...


Sorry...I hope u will email me or at least leave me a msg that you are using my picture/ photo. I will really appreciate that. I don't want some day I see my pic on some weird looking place. Thanks a lot.