Monday, 18 August 2008

Starry Starry Night I remember has a song started a Melody is "Starry Starry Night............" A super girl at Nuffnang, Amazing is every innit posted by her,easily capture No 1 sit.
She is undergraduate, studying mechanical engineering and love all western music.
Yes,the lyric is for a song named as "Vincent". She was reminded me.
Thanks girl. Let me tell you are a small secret: -
"事实往往出乎意料,这个女孩子在我的chat box 里骂我是懦夫。只因为我怀疑她的朋友在我的blog里污言秽语。最终结果我这个受害者给小妮子骂是coward。 哈哈!当然给人骂,不高兴是必然的。但也代表了这个女孩子是多么维护她的朋友。也是一个重义气的人。我又何必在乎给人骂呢。是不是懦夫也不是一句话可以肯定的。如果你是她的朋友,你是幸福的。"

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JunJun-Riko said...

erm.. "starry starry night~" this lyrics is from the song vincent.