Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Charlotte Blog

She is Charlotte . In Hokkien means (makan Roti). haha. She said" -Learning French~ feel regret if got anything wrong there~ Learning cook too~trust me i wont burn the kitchen~Learning Baking~trust me i wont boom the oven...ok...about me~i am the girl who have a big round face... The type of girl who crazy, happy, hope the world peaceful, hate someone smoking and drunk, love the clean air, hope to traveling around the world but the most is Paris, hope to get a DSLR Camera waiting Captain to get it for me, keep say that i am Princesse Salad ( keep dreaming, please call me Princesse~ ans listen to me ), finding cheese to eat every time, so huge-.- , love FOOD larh...July 1st 2009 going to my sweet sixteen~old lo..."

She just bla bla. hahaha!!!!!!!!